e-invoice for the Customers of RWE Polska


  • RWE customers will have access to electronic versions of original invoices  from any place 365 days in a year and 24 hours a day
  • RWE introduces e-invoices available in the Electronic Customer Service Centre (e-bok)
  • RWE customers will receive e-mail notifications about the availability of e-invoices as well as  reminders about upcoming payments
  • The new services are connected to an increased care for the natural environment

At the beginning of January, in an attempt to systematically improve the quality of its services, RWE Polska made it possible for its customers to receive electronic invoices instead of paper invoices sent by traditional mail.The customers who log on to the e-bok ate-bok.rwepolska.pl, and who agree to receive electronic documents,  will receive e-mails with information about the delivery of an invoice together with basic data regarding payments. The original invoice will be available on the e-bok platform in the form of a pdf document.  The users of the new service will have permanent access to all e-invoices in chronological order.
The main advantages of the e-invoice service include:

  • access to all original invoices, arranged chronologically in pdf format, from any place in the world, 24/7 all year long via the Internet,
  • receiving regular e-mail notifications about the issue of an e-invoice and having access to it through the e-bok,
  • receiving e-mail information about the upcoming payment date
  • access to e-bok information about the current status of the account of electricity receivables, including any debts

In addition, selecting the electronic circulation of documents instead of the traditional paper one, the customer may not only be motivated by convenience, but also by concern for the natural environment. If all RWE customers resigned from the traditional way of receiving invoices, it would mean 382 tons of CO2 emission savings per year, which is equivalent to the amount of emissions produced by a mid-range car traveling for 2.5 million kilometres.
"The new e-invoice service is another step in implementing the Company's strategy whose aim is to systematically improve the quality of its customer service.In addition to the obvious benefits of convenient payments, giving up paper invoices contributes to the protection of the natural environment; it means fewer trees that are cut down and limited emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere. Anyone who chooses to receive e-invoices will connect two important aspects of daily life: one’s own convenience and concern for the surrounding nature. I believe that more and more customers will choose to use this functionality” – says Janusz Zieliński, Manager in the Department of Customer Service and Billing at RWE Polska.
More information can be found at www.rwe.pl

Implementation of the new e-invoice service is the next step in the improvement of customer service system at RWE Polska. In 2011 new islands, where customers can arrange all formalities connected with contracts as well as use expert advice,were set up in Warsaw.Theseislands,located in major shopping Falls, are open 7 days a week until late at night. At the same time, customers can use the 24/7 hotline and the Electronic Customer Service Centre (e-bok). The efforts of RWE Polska in the area of ​​caring about consumers’ interests have been awarded byStowarzyszenie Konsumentów Polskich(Association of Polish Consumers): RWEPolska has been the first company in Poland to receive the certificate Good Contract which confirms that the contracts concluded by the company with its customers meet the highest standards of consumer law.

e-invoice for the Customers of RWE Polska (PDF | 125 KB)