RWE in Poland


RWE Stoen Operator manages the Warsaw electricity network and is the operator of the capital’s distribution system.

It delivers electricity to 946,000 customers in Warsaw and its suburbs. By employing highly experienced specialists, making significant investments as well as using the latest sustainable technologies, RWE Stoen Operator maintains the highest network operation standards. RWE Stoen Operator began its operations on 1st of July 2007, as a result of mandatory unbundling of sale and distribution operations, continuing the prior investments in the Warsaw electricity network. Investments in the development and modernisation of the energy infrastructure of the Warsaw network during 2002–2009 exceeded one billion PLN.

RWE Stoen Operator makes sure the residents of Warsaw are provided with power supply. Its technical services constantly monitor the state of the electrical network. They also perform the necessary maintenance work to assure around the clock energy supply security for the city.

The operation of distribution system operators, including RWE Stoen Operator, is subject to regulation and mandatory submission of distributiontariffs to the Polish Energy Regulatory Office for approval.